Bitcoin S (BTCS)


The Bitcoin S (BTCS) transactionchain will integrate the value of public chain to build a global value transfer network. The CBNData data report shows that among the 120 annual consumer buzzwords in the five years from 2016 to 2020, blockchain ranks among the top. Recently, the BTCS transactionchain wallet has attracted the attention of many capital and media in the circle with its fast, safe transaction validate method and multi-chain asset storage and exchange.


BTCS is a fast and safe transactionchain system. In the future, there will be a variety of digital assets on the chain that can circulate safely and quickly. BTCS uses parallel chains to deal transactions within areas and hash locks to connect different areas. BTCS connects public chains through heterogeneous chain hash locks, it connects the original value islands into a value network, which is expected to quickly realize decentralized cross-chain transactions. BTCS is committed to deeply integrating blockchain technology with financial services, breaking traditional financial monopolies, and establishing a safer, fairer and more reliable global blockchain value network.

2. Ecological application

a.To be Paypal or Alipay in the blockchain world In the field of online payment, Paypal and Alipay have become the top priority of the financial flow, the logic of the blockchain industry is also the same. As the entrance to future digital asset transactions, wallets with is the most important Application of a blockchain. BTCS blockchain wallet will build a digital asset management bank based on blockchain technology. It will not only provide digital asset-related financial services, such as storage, coin withdrawal, transaction, and financial management, but also provide traditional financial digitization related services. The goal is to become a "Paypal" in blockchain Field.

b.Cross-border payment BTCS eliminates third-party intermediaries, it means that the operation steps are greatly reduced, and more individuals and institutions use the technology can reduce the risk factor, competition intensifies, costs will also inevitably decrease

BTCS cross-border payment is developed based on blockchain technology, the security will be greatly improved.

Due to the adoption of the point-to-point payment protocol, the payer and the payee can directly communicate, payment with high transaction speed can be expected.

c. Third party assets,applications

BTCS will allow multiple assets to be chained and provide application interfaces third-party applications to quickly access and use assets on the chain.Users will be able to conveniently pay for online shopping malls, games and other applications with their digital assets.

3. The future

In the near future, digital assets will be integrated into the lives of ordinary people. Whose operation plan is more concise and fast will surely win more users. The day when BTCS wallet can play all blockchain ecological applications may not be far away.

4. More information


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